275C 이재호
b. 1981 / Live and work in Paju, Korea


Visual total artist Jaeho Lee(275C) explores various themes surrounding the artist through various media, ranging from life's ideals to personal preferences to visual images and messages found in advertising and mass media. Influenced by the intuitive compositions and distinct color combinations of pop art, his works are characterized by vivid colors and witty expressions of kiddie sensibilities.

비주얼 토탈 아티스트 이재호(275C)는 삶의 이상향부터 개인적인 취향, 광고나 대중 매체에서 보이는 시각적 이미지와 메시지 등 작가를 둘러싼 다양한 주제를 여러 매체를 통해 탐구합니다. 작가의 작품은 팝아트의 직관적 구성과 뚜렷한 컬러 조합에 영향을 받아 비비드한 색감과 키덜트 감성의 위트 있는 표현이 특징입니다.

2022 <MAScT>, Gallery ERD, Seoul, South Korea.
2022 <GIFT SHOP: GOLDEN>, CDA Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2020 <ANDERSON>, Gallery ERD, Seoul, South Korea.
2020 <ANDERSON>, Cafe Poze, Seoul, South Korea.
2019 <W.E.L-Come(Week-End Land)>, Yeonnam Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
2018 <I. LIKE. EAT>, Wall Seoul, Seoul, South Korea.

2020 <Zero Base>, Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Seoul, South Korea.
2019 <ONE CHAIR IS ENOUGH>, Gallery ERD, Seoul, South Korea.
2019 <Pop/Corn>, Daegu Museum of Art, Daegu, Korea.
2019 <Gulliver>, Middleman Gallery, Busan, South Korea.
2019 <It Style>, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
2019 <The 2nd Art Supermarket>, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea.


Creative Discovery Appreciation
Seoul, South Korea