b. 1987 / Seoul, Korea


CDA represented artist Yislow composed her forms by layering various, chaotic colors from her mind. The artist, who aims for the most natural painting and finds inspiration for her work in her own internal experiences, says that all experiences are mixed into various shapes and lead to her artwork.The cute characters that appear on the canvas have the quality of being anything because they are nothing, which symbolizes Yislow's worldview and philosophy.

CDA 전속 작가 이슬로는 마음에서 피어난 다양하고 무질서한 색채를 겹겹이 쌓아 형태를 구성합니다. 가장  자연스러운 그림을 지향하며 작업의 영감을 자신의 내부 경험에서 찾는 작가는 모든 경험이 다양한 모양으로 섞여 작품으로 이어진다고 말합니다.화면에 등장하는 귀여운 캐릭터들은 아무것도 아니기에 무엇이든 될 수 있는 성질을 가지고 있으며, 이는 이슬로 작가의 세계관과 철학을 상징합니다.

2024 《The Present》, CDA, Seoul, Korea.
2023 《Sweet Along》, the Stroll Gallery, Hongkong.
2023 《FRIENDS FRIENDS》, Gallery Carin, Busan, Korea.
2022 《Ampersand》, PBG, Seoul, Korea.
2022 《천진난만 天眞爛漫》, CDA, Seoul, Korea.
2021 《RUN RUN!》, SH Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2020 《All We Need is Love》, Albus Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

2023 《Check to Check》, S2A, Seoul, Korea.
2023 《Wondering Tales》, Suwon Art Space Gwanggyo, Suwon, Korea.
2023 《Neighborhood》, Lotte Gallery Dongtan, Dongtan, Korea.
2023 《Summery Luncheon: Bon appetit!》, BK Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
2022 《Piece of the times》, Tsutaya GINZA ARTIUM, Tokyo, Japan.
2022 《Weather Report》, Sungsan Art Culture, Seoul, Korea.
2022 《VOTE KOREA 2022》, The Untitled Void Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
2022 《REJOICE》, Lotte Gallery Dongtan, Dongtan, Korea.
2021 《Our Letter》 K Auction, Seoul, Korea.
2021 《RAINBOW》, CDA, Seoul, Korea.
2021 《Grimm Forest》, Grimm Forest, Jeju, Korea.
2021 《Flex Art》, Lotte Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul, Korea.
2021 《OA House》, Cabinet Club House, Seoul, Korea.
2021 《Project LAB》, Hyundai Department Store Pangyo, Bundang, Korea.
2021 《Under 200》, Art Sohyang, Busan, Korea
2020 《Terrace Mini Exhibition》, Musinsa Terrace, Seoul, Korea.
2019 《Marycoastermas》, PODOLAB, Seoul, Korea.

2024 《ART BUSAN 2024>, Bexco, Busan, Korea.
2023 《ART BUSAN 2023>, Bexco, Busan, Korea.
2022 《The Preview Seongsu 2022>, S Factory, Seoul, Korea.
2016 - 2019 <GrimDosi>

2022 《Lo & Freckles Village>, Lotte World Mall, Seoul, Korea.
2022 《TULIP POWER>, Key visual and artworks  with ‘Everland’ Tulip Garden.
2021 Brand character design with ‘Dr.G’
2021 Visual grpahics for 8th Mini Album of ‘Oh My Girl’ Done Done Dance
2020 Mobile contents graphic design and development with ‘Dr. Jart’
2019 Character design & Brand visual identity for ‘Knotted’
2019 Promotion clip for ‘Big Hit Entertainment’

2011 Hongik University / Digital Media Design (Dropped out)


Creative Discovery Appreciation
Seoul, South Korea